Pastor’s Profile

Peter (Keunju) Kim was born-again January 4th in 1999. He studied theology at Seoul Theological University and Seminary (B.A. M.Div.) and was ordained as a pastor on April 23rd, 2014, from the Korean Evangelical Church of America.

At first, he thought his calling was to help poor churches and missionaries who needed financial support, so he dedicated his life to becoming rich. However, God had a different plan for Peter and his new bride, Lydia (Miran) Joo.

One day they heard that Canada was a prospective mission field. They visited a Native reserve called Pays Plat where they spent 14 days. During that time, Peter Kim heard about their troubled history as a Nation, such as forced relocation, the violence of the residential school system, as well as the adoption program in aboriginal communities. Compassion for the Natives rose in Peter’s heart.

On June 29th, 2015, Peter knew God had called him to minister to the Aboriginal people of North America. He and his young family moved to Sagamok First Nation in Northern Ontario, to begin a missionary ministry for children called, The Hope. Peter and his family minister to First Nation children from nine different reserves in Northern Ontario.