Sagamok Christian Ministries

By Danika Gravelle

The first time I met Peter Owl he was speaking at a tent meeting in 2015, at the Minitegozibe Recovery Centre (the old school), 91 River Road.His heart overflowed with love for his Sagamok people as he shared the vision God had given him in 1962.After 45 years, Peter established the Minitegozibe Recovery Centrein 2007as a place for healing people in spirit, soul and body through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Minitegozibe Recovery Centernow hosts community outreach events, meals and opportunities for people to learn new life skills. This past summer, hairdressers came from Toronto to offer free haircuts to the public, as well as teach haircutting to several Sagamok women.

Pastor Peter Keunju Kim and Lydia Miran Joo joined the ministry team in June of 2015 with The Hope children’s ministry. Through their passion for the Lord and focus on the children, 12-15 children receive weekly bible school teachings every week. They do many fun activities, play games and do crafts all centered on the bible.

In the summertime, Korean church groups come up from southern Ontario and offer their time and expertise teaching the children music, science, drama, games, and arts and crafts. There is always a big bbq with drama skits and music to end the week. Some of the church groups have been coming to Sagamok for 10 years to minister the love of Jesus to the children.

Pastor Peter Kim’s connections with the Korean churches in the greater Toronto area have opened many opportunities for children’s ministry outreach in Sagamok, Wikwemikong, Cutler and Serpent River.

In January of 2016, Danika Gravelle joined the team and began a weekly bible study at the Minitegozibe Recovery Centre called The Tuesday Sessions.Out of this weekly ministry, Sagamok Bible School was established.Many people know about God and have heard bible stories, but they don’t understand how it is relevant to their lives today. At Sagamok Bible School, we teach the practical application of the word of God in ordinary lives for extraordinary living.

Danika also teaches 1-2 day workshops in Sagamok and Wiki. In June, she taught The 9R’s of Bible Study; an intensive 2 day course on how to study God’s word if you are not a bible scholar.

On November 17-18, there will be a new workshop offered during the Harvest Gospel Rally, called, Your Kingdom Identity Blueprint. This is a powerful teaching that reveals who you are in Christ and for what purpose God created you. Additional workshops and other events are offered throughout the year.

The fourth ministry that makes up Sagamok Christian Ministries is the Spanish Fellowship House of Prayer. Pastor Peter Owl has been pastoring this fellowship since 2006, serving Spanish, Cutler and Serpent River communities. Pastor Peter Owl also holds gospel services on Sagamok at the Minitegozibe Healing Centre different times of the year. The past two years, Spanish Fellowship has hosted the annual Sagamok tent meeting, delivering the message of love and forgiveness in Christ in Sagamok.

Spanish Fellowship House of Prayer teaches the full-gospel message of what it means to be born-again, and walk in the victorious power of the Holy Spirit every Sunday at 10:30am, 16 John St., Spanish, ON. Pastor Peter and Lydia Kim also provide children’s church at this morning service.

Connect with us on our facebook page to learn of upcoming events, and learn how you can get involved. Call Pastor Peter Owl: 705-865-2350; Pastor Peter Kim: 647-980-5777; Danika Gravelle: 705-865-3363. Email:

November Events:

Harvest Gospel Rally – November 17-19 at Minitegozibe Recovery Centre, Sagamok.

  1. Pastor Norman Stinson from Rama Reserve will be conducting the Friday and Saturday evening services.
  2. On Saturday, from 9-4, Danika Gravelle will be teaching, “Your Kingdom Identity Blueprint.” A follow-up teaching and practical application of the Word from this past summer’s tent meeting. Call Danika Gravelle: 705-865-3363.
  3. Regular Sunday service will be held at Spanish Fellowship House of Prayer.

Call Pastor Peter Owl: 705-865-2350 for more information.

The Hope – Children’s Sunday School: Meets every Sunday at 2:30-4:30pm, for children ages 6-12, at the Minitegozibe Recovery Centre, Sagamok. Call Pastor Peter Keunju Kim: 647-980-5777

Spanish Fellowship House of Prayer – Sunday church service and Children’s church start at 10:30am, Call Pastor Peter Owl: 705-865-2350.

Spanish Fellowship House of Prayer – Every Thursday Bible Study: 7-9pm at 16 John St., Spanish..Call Pastor Peter Owl: 705-865-2350

Sagamok Bible School – Tuesday Sessions meet at the Minitegozibe Recovery Centre, Sagamok, from 10am-12pm.Call Danika Gravelle: 705-865-3363